Commercial Roofing

Omni provides roofing services for a variety of commercial properties. These include offices, retail units, industrial and warehouse spaces, as well as commercial housing communities. In addition, we guarantee our commercial roofing with the same 20 year warranty as all of our residential services.

We also provide a wide range of roofing options, from the materials to the techniques themselves. This is a great thing because it allows more flexibility in pricing for the business owners we work with based on individual need. So, if you’re a commercial property owner looking for roof repair, replacement, or new installation, let us show you how we can help.

To start, Omni will do a free inspection and consultation for any business in need of commercial roofers. During one of our inspections, a certified roofing specialist will evaluate your roof, and address any outstanding issues you may have. From there, we’ll provide all options available, and make a recommendation based on what’s going to serve you best.

Our specialist will provide an estimate for our services, along with a timeline for when you can expect all necessary repairs to be completed. And after that, you can sit back while our crew goes to work. You’ll have access to an app where you can monitor our progress every step of the way. You can also use it to ask any questions, confirm work schedules, and more!

Whether you have a single building, or own a multi-unit commercial property, everyone we work with receives the same treatment. So if you need commercial roof repairs, or just want to schedule your free annual inspection, contact us today!

Also, be sure to ask us about help with insurance claims or financing options!