DIY Construction Guide

While Omni is a professional construction company with over 25 years experience, we recognize that not every job requires a professional. For those who have the skill, and most importantly, the time, to undertake these projects on your own, we say more power to you! Not only that, but we still want to help however possible. That’s why we’ve included the following DIY construction resources for you to consider when approaching these projects.

Obviously, as a roofing and construction company, we would prefer you seek professional help for any major renovations. And we certainly waive legal responsibility for any actions you take based on any resources we’ve included.

That being said, we wish you luck! And if you find you’re in over your head, we’re always here to help!

DIY Construction Guide

DIY Construction: Roofing

Roofing repair and replacement can be some of the more dangerous and labor intensive projects to undertake. If you’re thinking about tackling this by yourself, consider getting a professional inspection with Omni before you start. We do include a guide here to show you what an inspector will look for, but you may save yourself a lot of time and headache by using a professional. Use this link to schedule yours free! There is no obligation, and you are more than welcome to undertake this by yourself.

Here you’ll find a playlist of essential roofing resources. To start, we’ve included roofing basics, from roofing components and choosing shingles for your roof, to an overview of roofing inspection principles. In addition, we have also included step-by-step guides to roof installation, as well as a list of common roofing mistakes to avoid.  We hope you’ll find this list helpful!


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