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About Us

Company History

Omni Construction Services is a full-service construction and roofing company based in Indianapolis. It was originally founded by local professionals with over 25 years experience. We incorporated in 2017, led by key personnel from our sister company, Omni Management Services. OMS is a management company  that has overseen hundreds of communities in multiple states since in 2002. In that time, Omni has completed thousands of maintenance and construction projects. From that, we’ve been able to build an experienced team, as well as a vetted network of contracted professionals.

In 2014, Omni created its own maintenance division to handle increased demand. As a result, that division continued to manage significantly larger projects, until it became clear that we could better service our customers by starting a completely independent construction company. This gave us the ability to continue to grow, while offering better pricing, and also distinguishing ourselves in this competitive industry.

Different by Choice

From its inception, Omni has operated under a simple principle. We treat our customers like we treat our employees, and we treat our employees like family. Because we previously worked with a number of construction companies through OMS, we’ve experienced all the good and bad of the industry, and we’ve made it our mission to deliver the best qualities we’ve found. As a result, we have built OCS into a successful company through our referral business.

So, when you hire Omni Construction Services for a job, you can expect a few different things. First, and most importantly, you can expect the best quality materials and workmanship available. Second, we guarantee our work with an industry-leading 20 year warranty. Finally, you can count on us to keep you informed throughout the process.

Now here a few things you will never get with Omni. No high pressure sales people. While we offer free estimates for all our work, we look to work with people who want to work with us. Our job is to provide you honest information, and our best pricing for the work. If you don’t feel like we would be a good fit for any reason, we don’t believe it’s in our interest to try to change your mind.


The Omni Guarantee

Omni is committed to delivering on time with the quality you expect.  In addition, we understand that communication is key in this process. As such, we always keep an open line with you to ask check in, ask questions, and learn about our process. We even use software that allows you to check our work schedule, view pictures of our progress, and more! Our success is directly linked to making our clients genuinely thrilled with the products and services we provide. That’s why all of us at Omni have made that our mission. We hope you will give us an opportunity to bid on your next project so you can experience the Omni difference.

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